Our Team

Dennis E. Wisnosky
Dennis E. Wisnosky Mr. Dennis E. Wisnosky served as the Chief Architect and Chief Technical Officer of the Department of Defense (DoD) Business Mission Area (BMA) within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Mr. Wisnosky was responsible for providing expert guidance and oversight in the design, development, and modification of federated business architectures. As a visionary and entrepreneur in the private sector for more than 25 years, Mr. Wisnosky consulted to the Government and private industry in the development of strategic and operational plans, methods and processes.
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Randy Coleman
Randy Coleman has over 42 years of experience serving DoD and Federal Governmental clients. As an industry leader in Enterprise Architecture, his advice has been sought out in this field by the DoD Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO) and DoD CIO, as well as the OMB Chief Architect, Government Accountability Office (GAO) and many Government Agencies. He has taught DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) to many Government Activities and contractors. He currently is supporting the development of the DoDAF 2.0 current release efforts by the DoD CIO. Mr. Coleman has led efforts as part of the Section 804 IT Acquisition Reform effort under DepSecDef, to define how enterprise architecture under DoDAF and the JCIDS/6212 NR-KPP will be architecturally defined
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About Wizdom

Innovative Business Solutions
Wizdom is a recognized leader in providing our clients with innovativeprocess-based business solutions for improving performance. Wizdom's integrated software, training and consulting gives you the improved enterprise-wide business process and enables you to communicate, plan and execute a unified corporate strategy. We help companies grow by aggressively pursuing new opportunities and employing the best business practices.


Software, Training, and Consulting
Dennis E. WisnoskyOur experienced Wizards have developed software, training, and consulting solutions to help make your organization more efficient and competitive. Our Wizards will help you understand your current situation and identify areas for improvement.


The Team Approach
The future can only be built by those who must live it. Wizdom's objective is to transfer our tools, methods, and expertise to your team so that your business can maintain continuous improvement, from success story to success story.