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BPR Certification Training Program


Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is an integral aspect of organizational development and business reform. Wizdom Systems, Inc. is pleased to offer the BPR Certification Training Program. Our curriculum and methodology have been approved by the Office of the Secretary of Defense*. This program has been specifically developed and tailored to meet the changing needs of the US Government with a focus on the policies and initiatives driving business reform.

Our objective is to provide the fundamental BPR skills necessary to conduct and lead business process reengineering/improvement projects. The focus of this program is on managing the organization through the application of better business processes, focusing on planning, execution, performance measures, customer expectations, and human resources.

Wizdom is committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence. Our knowledgeable instructors and experienced training center staff will provide you with the tools and methods necessary to develop and reengineer/improve your organization or installation. The Business Process Reengineering Certification Training Program is comprised of seven core courses:

  • Introduction and Planning for BPR
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Process Modeling Fundamentals
  • Activity Based Cost Management
  • Process Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Functional Economic Analysis
  • Implementation of BPR

The following policies and initiatives have been incorporated into our program:

  • OMB Circular A-76
  • OMB Circular A-76 Supplemental Handbook
  • Strategic Sourcing Program
  • Government Performance Results Act
  • Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act
  • Chief Financial Officers Act
  • National Performance Review

Upon successful completion of this 2 week program and the final certification exam, each student will be certified by Wizdom Systems, Inc. as a BPR Practitioner.


Our philosophy is that students are able to learn more when they can actively and consistently apply their knowledge in practical situations. For this reason, our program incorporates extensive hands-on training, practical applications and regular knowledge assessments. This method allows us to monitor student progress and assist students with specific areas of skill development to ensure that each student successfully completes each course of the program.

At Wizdom, we focus on the quality of instruction. Our objective is to provide you with the highest level of quality instruction possible. We recommend limiting class size to 25 participants to allow for more one-on-one time with the instructor during hands-on training.

Our experienced instructors have real-world BPR experience and consistently receive high reviews from the students. We believe in providing personalized service and a positive, friendly classroom environment that encourages student participation. This, in turn, achieves a higher level of student understanding. The instructors regularly monitor student progress and provide as much one-on-one training time as possible.

We offer a two week BPR Certification Training Program

To supplement your training program, the following additional services are available:

  • All packages can be customized to meet your specific individual and organizational needs.

  • Supplemental courses, workshops and seminars.

All packages can be customized to meet your specific individual and organizational needs.

We can train your team at your place of business, or at our training facility in Naperville, Illiois On-site training is available and can be arranged through the Training Center.

For more information call in the U.S. (630) 357-3000 or email Robin Davies.

* Formerly known as DoD BPR Certification training. The U.S. Department of Defense no longer has a certification program. Wizdom was only one of a few businesses who were approved by the DoD.