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Individualized Career Planning and Preparation System

for US Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)
The purpose: This SBIR led to the development of a family of products for the Special Education marketplace and the establishment of Wizdom Education as a Division of Wizdom Systems, Inc. Phase I established the feasibility and desirability of adapting an existing web-based project management tool to meet the information needs of consumers (students with disabilities and their parents/guardians) and educational staff. Having proven the feasibility, Phase II developed and prototyped in two school districts, the Wizdom TransPlanner! product which automates the creation of Individual Transition Plans (ITP) as required by IDEA. A Wizdom Education White Paper is available which describes the results of this research. (www.wizdomeducation.com)

BAM (Business Architecture Modernization)   
Wizdom Systems, Inc. presents a team of professionals to provide business performance improvement services to the Department of Defense and other Government Agencies. Our goal is to help clients build organizational capability in this era of global competition, reduced resources, government downsizing, scientific and technological advances, and legislation mandating the transition to less costly and performance-based institutions. (Wizdom has prime contractor status)

Wizdom and CNA Insurance
With Wizdomís background in business process reengineering (BPR) and change management, it teamed up with CNA Insurance to assist its need for change.

DOT ITOP II (for Information System Services)
Wizdom is teaming up with Advanced Management Technology, Inc. (AMTI) and several other companies to provide a wide variety of information engineering and technical support services for the U.S. Department of Transportation. The project will involve the functional area of Information Systems Engineering (ISE)
(Wizdom has sub-contractor status on this contract)
See the AMTI press release

Wizdom and Mutual of Omaha
Wizdom recognizes that a set of processes and tools need to be in place to satisfy and enhance such customer experiences. That is why Mutual of Omaha choose Wizdom Systems for its expertise and capacity for modeling such business processes.

Reengineering Healthcare
Recognizing the need for a universal starting point for process improvements, Wizdom Systems, Inc. developed the Healthcare Enterprise Reference Model. The Healthcare Enterprise Reference Model was developed over five years through numerous healthcare consulting and process reengineering projects.

Manufacturing Assembly Pilot (MAP)
The MAP project reduced the time it took an order to go from one of the Big-Three automobile companies down to the lowest tier of the seating supply chain, from 28 days to 11 days, a 58 percent reduction.

Reengineering the Recycling Department at American National Can (ANC)
Reengineering project to radically change business practices to achieve process time, cost, and quality gains by 40-60 percent.

The Wing-IDEF Project
Modeling the Air Force Objective Wing in Support of the Base Levels Systems Modernization (BLSM) Program. The result is an Air Force with a clear vision of needed change, a mechanism for change, and the top level commitment to make the change.

BPR in Poland
Wizdom helped the company's management team learn how to analyze and implement change in their organization themselves. The time and cost savings resulting from the implementation of bpr recommendations were at staggering levels. Time reductions in production cycle time are over 90%. Material savings due to reduces scrap are over 50%. Planning processes are reduced by 75% .


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