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Course Description:

This course gives the particpants a working knowledge of IDEF in theory and application. Modeling techniques are described and practiced as the learners participate in a series of lectures, exercises, and grapple with real world case studies.

Topics Covered:

IDEF overview

CASE Tools

Steps to BPI

Systems reegineering and Process Management

IDEF in perspective

Detailed fundamentals of IDEF0

Reading IDEF models

The author-reader cycle

Activity modeling (IDEF decomposition exercise

Hints for modeling

Varieties of the modeling exercise

Analysis with activity models

Applications of TQM, ABC, and QFD (Quality Function Deployement)

Process flow analysis

Timeline analysis

Computer-aided Process Reenginering (CPR)

Introduction to IDEF1X

IDEF ICAM manual

Who Should Attend?

Project managers

Business Process Improvement team members


Vice Presidents

General Managers

Human resource teams

CEOs, CFOs and CIOs



Quality Assurance Teams

Govemnment Executives

National Performance Review team members