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Wizdom Web-based Training

Web-based training
Wizdom develops custom courses that can be delivered directly to your learners via the Internet our your Intranet. We can also customize existing courses to fit your organization's particular needs.

Experience that Works
Experience has taught us the most effective courses include the right blend of autonomous user-oriented features along with interactive exercises to keep the learner interested while providing useful feedback to guide them throughout the training process.

The Customer Driven Approach
The success of our courses relies on intimate customer interaction before, during, and after development. We Listen, Learn, and React to the needs and requirements, concerns and ideas of every stakeholder involved. We hold customer input high and tailor our courses to meet your individual needs. Our team of “Wizards” will work to meet your goals while utilizing our expertise in effective learning principles.


Web-Based Training Success Stories


Wizdom has been supplying Hewitt Associates, with re-authoring and development for a variety of internal training courses. Hewitt Associates is a global human resources outsourcing and consulting firm delivering a complete range of human capital management services. Recently Wizdom has provided Hewitt Affirmative Action and Data Privacy web-based training courses. Wizdom built Hewitt a leaner, more stable and interactive learning environment for educating associates in these important topics, deemed critical to the success of Hewitt’s initiatives. Unique Wizdom technology including automating much of the media creation process has brought all Hewitt projects to successful conclusion on time and within budget.


NORC is a national organization for research at the University of Chicago, with offices on the University’s campus, in Chicago’s downtown Loop, and in Washington DC, as well as a nationwide field staff. Wizdom has been working with NORC for more than 2 years.Recently, Wizdom developed and taught a “Practical, Skill-based Field Manager Training” course for NORC. This course, which will continue to be used for training new field managers, focused on eight critical policies and procedures including: Being a professional, Releasing staff, Effective Time use/management, Working within a budget, Communicating effectively, Being organized, Problem solving and Team building.

The three-day training course was taught by Wizdom’s Director of Instructional Services Philip Vitkus, who has eighteen years of experience developing instructor-led, technology based training programs.

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