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man holding information sign over his faceTo use information wisely, you first have to know what it means.

DataWorks! is Wizdomís expert data modeling software (based on IDEF1X) which enables you to analyze database entities, attributes and relationships, to guide systems development and information engineering.

DataWorks! helps you design a flexible, stable, and sharable database. This will enable you to maximize data sharing, minimize data redundancy, and make a positive impact on the effectiveness and bottom line of your organization.

photo of man dancing, holding a dollar signIdentify and refine information to meet organizational goals!

DataWorks! helps you diagram, or map out where information in your organization comes from, how it is used and who uses it. This gives you an automated overall picture (or roadmap) of specific information relationships in your organization.

DataWorks!ô gives you the information you need for dynamic business operations management. Use DataWorks! to graphically illustrate database design and capture business rules.

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Benefits Features
Helps you identify and refine information to meet organizational goals! Supports IDEF standards
Helps develop consistent relational database designs Provides the ability to build DoDAF work products OV-7 and AV-2
Allows you to look at database entities, attributes, and relationships for systems development and information engineering. Provide a means for accurate and timely information
Analyze database entities, attributes & relationships Embedded analysis tools for time-line analysis
Automatically generate database from your data model Reverse engineer existing databases into 1X view with entities and attributes
Develop consistent relational database designs Share integrated glossary with ProcessWorks!, Wizdomís IDEF0 process modeling tool
Produce a complete model without redundancy Create a physical database in ODBC supported formats (like dBase, Text, Access, Paradox, and more)
Allows you to generate data tables, forms, and reports Generate SQL coded for SQL compliant RDB such as Oracle
Use DataWorks! with analysis tools and test your ideas! Seemlessly integrates with ProcessWorks, our process modeling tool
Defines "what you need to know to do what you do"
Provides a tool to avoid redundant storage and entry of data

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