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Wizdom’s DoDAFLive! manages and controls  

complex DoDAF work products with ease!

NAPERVILLE, IL, February 1, 2004 -- Wizdom Systems, Inc.®, celebrating its 16th year as a leader in providing software, training, and solutions, today announced the release of DoDAFLive!.  DoDAFLive! is a powerful web-based DoD Architecture Framework(DoDAF) management tool that helps customers manage DoDAF activities and their associated products to become compliant with the new standards. DoDAFLive! contains a complete DoDAF template that includes all the information and steps needed to complete all the associated work products such as OV, SV and TV.

“DoDAFLive! is an innovative solution for managing people, tasks, and information to complete all works products in a simple way”, said Dennis E. Wisnosky, Wizdom CEO and DoDAF expert & teacher.  “Our software solution will give organizations step by step guidelines to complete all their DoDAF work products that will result in full compliance with the new standards.”

  • Every step in the DoDAF template can be assigned to team members automatically by the Project Manager.

  • Team members upload their work products in context to the DoDAF template and project plan. Every team member knows where they need to go, how to find information and where to deposit their work!


DoDAFLive! Interface:

Interface and capabilities of DoDAFLive!s document management module:

Calendar items can be imported from MS Outlook and tracked via DoDAFLive!  for the entire team!

Project Overview screens allow teams to manage the schedule and resources all within DoDAFLive!  or export to MS Project.

DoDAFLive!  additionally gives you the following capabilities:

  • 100% Web-based, no client downloads needed

  • Built in Gantt Chart in addition to being MS Project compatible

  • Automatic Alerts!: Team members are automatically notified via email   when files are checked into DoDAFLive!

  • Has a robust three-tier security design (with or without SSL), which ensures organizations and their partners have secure access to project content

  • Links to the MS Outlook Calendar

  • Provides Web Links to pointers in Asset Explorer so that the user is connected to web data anywhere anytime 

  • Can be linked to your favorite Wireless (PDA) device for anywhere anytime interaction

About Wizdom

Since 1986, Wizdom has been a recognized leader in providing clients with innovative process-based business and software solutions. Wizdom’s integrated software, training and consulting enables industry and government clients to communicate, plan and execute a unified strategy.  Wizdom helps both the public and private sector to meet its objectives by aggressively pursuing new opportunities and employing the best business practices.

 For information on Wizdom’s DoDAFLive! and complete range of products and services, contact Steven Kroll at (630) 357-3000 ext. 3010, skroll@wizdom.com  or visit Wizdom’s website at http://www.wizdom.com/



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