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Our DoDAF products can be purchased together as a package called the DoDAF Toolkit, or individually.

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DoDAF Toolkit
the only comprehensive software, training and consulting solution for meeting Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) requirements!

Wizdom is committed to bringing the latest products and services dedicated to meeting the DoDAF requirements. We understand first-hand the complexities of becoming fully Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) compliant.

Our DoDAF products can be purchased together as a package called the DoDAF Toolkit, or individually.

DoDAF Toolkit contains the best of the best of what we've learned through years of working with the U.S. government and private sector organizations to effectively plan, manage, build and complete all of your DoDAF projects.

DoDAF Toolkit products include:

powerful web-based DoDAF management tool

comprehensive process, activity, data and UML modeling tool

Expert Consulting
step-by-step, our "Wizards" will lead you through the technical and architectural requirements provided by the DoD.

Comprehensive Training
hands-on, real-world DoDAF workshops

DoDAFLive! web-based DoDAF management tool
Web-based Management Tool

Wizdom’s DoDAFLive! is a powerful web-based DoDAF tool that manages DoDAF activities and their associated Products to ensure DoDAF compliance according to DoDAF and OMB Circular-130. DoDAFLive! contains a complete DoDAF template which includes all the information and steps needed to complete all the associated work products of OV, SV and TV. This software solution gives step-by-step guidelines to complete all of your DoDAF work products to result in compliance with the new and evolving standards.

DoDAF Product Building Tools

This comprehensive process, activity, data and UML modeling tool helps you to build graphical and textual DoDAF products as well as analyze your AS-IS and TO-BE situation in terms of time, cost and quality - the essence of your KPPs. Use WizdomWorks! to build work products,OV-2, OV-4, OV-5, OV-6A, OV-7, SV-4, AV-2, & SV-11 using IDEF0 and UML Diagrams. Define and analyze your KPPs:

  • Map and Improve all Your Processes Using IDEF0 and UML

  • Evaluate Current Architecture Design Perform Structured Analysis Modeling Define Interoperability Requirements

  • Create and Evaluate Required Framework Products


Our consulting leads to your success. Wizdom helps you meet the technical and architectural requirements necessary to be DoDAF compliant. Wizdom's expert consultants lead you step-by-step incorporating compliance guidelines to ensure your technologies, systems and architectures meet the requirements. You will use our methodology to design your operational, technical, and systems views and products that are consistent with the DoDAF guidelines. Wizdom provides your organization with:

  • A Comprehensive Methodology for complying with the DoDAF Requirements

  • Best Practices for Complying with DoD's Standards

  • Proven Methods for Building, Packaging & Selling Your Framework- Compliant Products

  • Step-By-Step Strategies for DoDAF Implementation


We bring our experience to develop your expertise. In our hands-on workshop, you will use a comprehensive methodology for designing operational, technical, and systems architecture views and products consistent with the DoDAF guidelines. In the workshop, you will apply DoDAF compliance concepts and principles to design your own DoDAF-compliant system. You will use the most up-to-date tools and techniques for creating and evaluating required architectural products. You will learn strategies proven successful for saving time while avoiding costly pitfalls when meeting DoDAF requirements. Critical issues discussed include:

  • A Complete Handbook to the DoDAF Process Examples and Exercises of Successful Framework Design Answers to Creating associated work products of the AV, OV, SV and TV's

  • Proven Methods for Getting Your Framework Design Approved

Training is generally held over 2 to 5 days, but can be extended for larger projects. We can hold DoDAF training at your location, our location, or off-site. We require a quiet, classroom-like setting.

Do you need to become DoDAF compliant, but are not sure what your needs are, or where to start?

Let us help you! We can help you determine your goals and objectives, perform a cost/benefits estimate, and outline your overall plan. Then, we will figure out together which DoDAF product is right for you, and give you an estimate of your overall cost.

Remember, we can customize our products and services for you and your project.

You can order DoDAF Toolkit as a complete package, or you can buy individual components separately. For information on Wizdom's DoDAF Toolkit, and Wizdom’s complete range of products and services, contact Steven Kroll at (630) 357-3000 ext. 3010,

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DoDAF Wizdom: A Practical Guide to Planning, Managing and Executing Projects to Build Enterprise Architectures using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF)

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