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Healthcare Enterprise Reference Model
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Healthcare Enterprise Reference Model

A Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Change and Improve your Healthcare Organization

Healthcare Enterprise Reference Model Book and CD Rom

At Last! Healthcare Improvement Planning Made Easy!

Proven Techniques for creating Organizations of the Highest Quality at the Lowest Cost while improving response time.

The healthcare industry faces ever increasing challenges and demands. Get a jump start on managing complexity with this unique book. Everything you need to improve your organziation is right here. This is the first book to map the improvement process from start to funish. Inside, you'll find a process improvement primer, a comprehensive model dscribing healthcare processes - from planning to paying - and the tools need to effect meaningful change in your own organization.

Start with The Healthcare Enterprise Reference Model and its supporting analysis tools, modify the model to reflect your organization, then discover the answers to nagging questions such as:

 How do we improve cost effectiveness without impairing quality care?
 How much does it really cost us to provide care?
 How do we define and measure outcomes?
 How can we stay ahead of the regulatory curve?

bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Models of universal healthcare business practices bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Develop process improvement goals in half the time

bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Integrated glossary with over 1000 entries bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Test and evaluate improvement plans before you implement them
bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Templates for incorporating best practices bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Guide your team through a successful process improvement project from start to finish
bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Tips for leading change efforts in your healthcare organization bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Easily identify outcome metrics and enterprise requirements
bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Solutions for operational effectiveness bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Convert process models to application code
bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Modeling and analysis theory and techniques bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Maximize operational effectiveness
bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes ProcessWorks!98 Viewer software and Healthcare Enterprise Reference Model CD Rom bluecircle.gif - 1364 Bytes Read, use, and develop activity models


Wizdom Systems, Inc. is a leader in Business Process Reengineering and Knowledge management products and services. Founded in 1986, the company has worked with healthcare industry professionals in the areas of HL7, Home Health Care, ICE-Patient Flow, Medical Logistics, Healthcare Insurance Services, Small Physician Practice, and Data Flow. Wizdom is a member/advisor of the Koop Foundation's Health Informatics Initiative, an endeavor to build the fundamental architecture, methods and tools for a more universally accessible health informatics infrostructure.

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Sorry, this book is no longer available.

For more information call (630)357-3000 X3084 and ask for Robin Davies, or e-mail robind@wizdom.com.

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