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Wizdom sees Knowledge Management (KM) as an environment that embodies the culture of the organization. In our view, KM consists of many interacting components that often operate autonomously but each of which is ultimately dependent upon the others. In consulting, training, and in designing KM based systems we view KM as a process that must be integrated into the organization’s culture and into the key business processes.

Success in the discipline of KM requires enterprises to fully leverage their intellectual capital: the collection of information, knowledge, and experience that allows them to perform their mission and to adapt to constantly changing requirements. By managing intellectual capital effectively, organizations can create a climate where information sharing and continuous learning is a normal part of doing business. KM takes a systematic approach to the creation and capture of knowledge organization-wide, and makes it available to individual knowledge workers and work groups, as they need it.

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Wizdom focuses its KM approach on the business processes of the organization.In support of this focus we work with our customers to develop a KM Strategic Plan that supports the Corporations Strategic Plan and key business drivers. Within this framework we look at and recommend document management strategies, to ensure concerned parties at various locations, are utilizing the same version of a document at the same time, and we recommend methodologies to enhance collaboration that facilitate the application of the right knowledge at the correct point in the business process in order to reduce cost, increase efficiency and increase effectiveness.We also review and recommend methods to access data in disparate databases that are transparent to the user and result in the correct data being available to the users at all times.

In conjunction with our customers we review the internal processes in question, gather an understanding of the desired outcome, and help with the implementation of the solution that best fits the need.In our experience most solutions are tool and process based. In some cases the tools are already on board they just need to be effectively applied.At Wizdom we realize that no one company possesses the “magic bullet” that will meet all the needs of an organization. To successfully meet the needs of our customers we assemble the appropriate team and solution employing our and our partners’ assets.


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