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LMSLive- Wizdom's Learning Management System
LMSLive Customers are Talking!

"The Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers (IAMB) is using LMSLive to successfully
manage our web-based certification courses."

Marve Stockert,
Executive Director,
Learning Management System Challenges
Implementing a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) – the platform that manages your Web-Based Training programs – need not be complex and costly. Your LMS can be easy to install, easy to use, state of the art, affordable, and it can do the following:
  • Meet customer's/user's specifications
  • Be delivered on time and on budget
  • Meet potential future needs
Organizations have a need to lower the risk and costs of implementing their LMS. These projects can affect many departments with many training requirements. Decisions can range from access privileges to designing individualized training plans. Implementation can last 6-24 months and be extremely dynamic and difficult to manage and complete. How can companies cost-effectively implement a learning management system?

Wizdom’s LMS Solution!
LMSLive, a simple, direct, economical web-based LMS, was designed to give your entire workforce access to e-learning from a single point of access using only a browser.

LMSLive was designed to deploy and track all your learning content in a cost-effective way.

Many LMS’s are complex to deploy and difficult to use. Many organizations invest in a costly LMS infrastructure and then endure a long, expensive implementation, sometimes having to turn to third-party systems integrators to complete the installation process. And some LMS’s cost up to $300,000, excluding implementation costs.

Fits into your web site. LMSLive! is very customizable – within minutes you can make it appear like other pages on your company’s web site.

Screen shot- LMS live

What LMSLive can do!

  • Register students/register web-based courses
  • Assign students to courses most appropriate to students’ training needs
  • Notify managers of course completion and assessment scores
  • Indicate pass/fail
  • Provides Login Security
  • Generates Certificate upon Course Completion
  • Customizable to your web site
  • LMSLive has an AICC compliant interface
  • Contains hooks for e-store and credit card interface
  • Contains course entry login and enrollment expirations
  • Cascading style sheets for quick customization

Pricing and Availability
For more information, please contact Robin Davies at robind@wizdom.com

Contact Robin Davies at Wizdom Systems, Inc. or call in the U.S. (630) 357-3000

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