Wizdom Systems, Inc.
Government Contracting Vehicles

Wizdom has been proud to serve US, State and local Governments since 1986. Check out their websites, and see what we've been doing!

bullet DoD BPR Certification
Until the formal program ended in 2002, for nearly five years Wizdom was the leading contractor in the DoD BPR Certification Training Program in both public and customized settings. Wizdom trained hundreds of individuals. The Wizdom curriculum and methodology was approved by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and conforms to the requirements stipulated in the Clinger-Cohen Act, various Strategic Sourcing and Installation Reform Initiatives, and OMB Circular A-76 (Commercial Activities).

Wizdom has modified the curriculum to now comply with the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and the goals of the OMB with respect to the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA). Wizdom continues to offer this program as a Wizdom BPR Certification. It has been presented to organizations both in the US and in other countries.

bullet Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
Wizdom is a Certified Vendor for products and Services to CPS.

bullet GSA Connections
The Connections Program allows customers to order equipment or services for one-time purchases or complex telecommunications integration services. Customers can order directly from an industry partner or obtain value added assisted services from FTS including requirements development, statement of work preparation, cost analysis, task management, project management, and funds management. For more information, contact Wizdom Systems, Inc. robind@wizdom.com

bullet GSA MOBIS (Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services)
This contract, which provides a wide array of consulting, facilitation, and survey services, can be used by all executive, legislative and judicial branch entities of the Federal Government.

The MOBIS Schedule offers Government contracts with companies to help improve management and organizational effectiveness through the use of specialized consulting, facilitation, survey and training services. (Wizdom has prime contractor status)

bullet  COMMITS
The COMMerce Information Technology Solutions (COMMITS) program consists of a number ot task order contracts designed to proved Federal Government, and if authorized, State and Local and other Government agencies including the District of Columbia Government, information technology solutions.