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Web -based project management...for the real world

WizdomLive! is a web-based software solution for project management, process management
and document management that puts all of your work in one accessible location,
while helping you plan projects, manage teams and implement changes.

WizdomLive! is for everyone from executives, to project managers, to small and large teams
- all over the world! Leverage the time and skills of your key people by providing them with
the ability to manage complex assignments while easily handling the unexpected.

Use WizdomLive! to:

Plan & execute a project

Gather & manage your group or team

Store/access files

Maintain levels of security

Keep track of document versions

Send team emails

Send automated document update alerts

Keep online calendars and schedules

Much More! With WizdomLive!, the possibilities are endless

WizdomLive! Highlights:

100% Web-based, no client downloads needed

Ability to create templates allowing subsequent project teams to re-use valuable information

Built in Gantt Chart in addition to being MS Project compatible

Automatic Alerts!: Team members are automatically notified via email when files are checked into WizdomLive!

Has a robust three-tier security design (with or without SSL), which ensures organizations and their partners have secure access to project content

Links to the MS Outlook Calendar

Provides Web Links to pointers in Asset Explorer so that the user is connected to web data anywhere anytime

Can be linked to your favorite Wireless (PDA) device for anywhere anytime interaction

WizdomLive! enhanced interface:

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New and improved Project Overview screens allow teams to manage the schedule and resources all within WizdomLive! or export to MS Project:

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Interface and capabilities of WizdomLive!‘s document management module:

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WizdomLive! Features


  • Helps plan improvement projects, implement them, and then
    archive the results so that they may be referred to again and again
  • Generates your Project Plan, and then manages the project using
    the Project Plan as a collaboratory
  • Contains a repository, or data bank of already completed projects, from which to draw upon and learn from
  • Was developed to enable organizations to predict the impacts of incremental or radical changes to business processes

Project Management

  • Enables the entire team to efficiently manage the schedule, team assignments, project documents, deliverables, budgets and cultural impact in a very effective way, end-to-end
  • Incorporates calendars to keep the entire team on top of key events. The new discussion capabilities allow everyone to participate in knowledge sharing, even if they're on the other side of the world.
  • New Gantt chart, which is compatible with MS Project, shows the team who's doing what, and when.
  • Manages a multitude of ongoing activities and knowledge.
  • Captures data in a secure collaborative environment which can then be accessed by any user no matter where they are on the globe.


  • Robust three-tier security design ensures that organizations and their partners have secure access to project content
  • Works on an easy web-based platform.
  • Links to MS Outlook Calendar
  • Provides web links to pointers in Asset Explorer so that the user is connected to web data anytime
  • Can be linked to your favorite wireless (PDA) device for anywhere/anytime interaction
  • Expert system Risk Manager can be used to automatically create process and project plans
  • Add announcements to project home pages to better communicate with team members
  • Automatically alerts team members when they are assigned a task to the project plan
  • Automatically posts the five most recently updated documents to easily find files and work products
  • Improved project management module makes project management faster and more effective
  • Updated discussion page makes communication a breeze
  • Archives completed projects, providing valuable feedback and templates for continuous improvement.
  • Contains ready to use templates for change management, hiring personnel, making acquisitions, and more
  • By using the WizdomLive! tool, organizations can:
    • Identify current processes
    • Determine optimum changes
    • Predict the impact of the changes
    • Implement the changes in a controlled way

WizdomLive! Benefits: How WizdomLive! Works

1.  As a project team is being formed, WizdomLive! assesses the skills of each individual member. It determines what skills need to be improved upon, and makes recommendations on how to do so. At this point, WizdomLive! is a tool for organizational diagnostics.

2.  Next, WizdomLive! automatically develops a project plan and distributes tasks to team members. Thus, WizdomLive! becomes the Project Manager! All project transactions are logged by WizdomLive! as the project is conducted and the team members interact. For example, when a project team member needs information about a particular subject, WizdomLive! automatically searches and returns the information. WizdomLive! is not only the Project Manager, but a Knowledge Library!

3.   As events are logged in, and documents are checked in and out, WizdomLive! enables pointers which connect goals and necessary information to support those goals.

4.   New project team members added to the project have access to every transaction carried out by the old team members. This ensures smooth handoffs of responsibilities.

5.   WizdomLive! learns! Each succeeding project enriches the WizdomLive! knowledge database. Thus, each new project team can be smarter than the last. Knowledge which once walked out the door daily, now becomes a true corporate asset which can be managed Live!

For More Information about how to purchase WizdomLive!
Please contact Robin Davies: 630-357-3000 in
the U.S.