Courses and Certificate Programs

About our Training:

Wizdom’s training courses have been specifically developed and tailored to meet the changing needs of busy professionals. The Wizdom Training Center offers several types of courses that are designed to help you with your business improvement efforts. Our courses focus on process improvements leading to a more efficient and effective organization.

Our objective is to provide course participants with the fundamental knowledge necessary to better manage the organization through the application of better business processes, focusing on planning, execution, performance metrics, customer expectations, and human resources.

Our training programs and courses may be conducted at our location or yours.

BPR Certification Training
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is an integral aspect of organizational development and business reform. Wizdom Systems, Inc. is pleased to offer the BPR Certification Training Program. Our curriculum and methodology have been approved by the Office of the Secretary of Defense*. This program has been specifically developed and tailored to meet the changing needs of the US Government with a focus on the policies and initiatives driving business reform.

Instructional Services/Custom Based Training
Our team of experts have more than 20 years experience in designing training programs that work. They will work with you in every aspect of training, including: Training needs analysis, Measuring the impact of training, Designing and developing training programs, Designing curriculum and planning, Web-based project management solutions, Conducting workshops and seminars

Custom Online / Web-based Training
Experience has taught us the most effective Web-based Training and Instructor-Led Training courses include the right blend of autonomous user-oriented features along with interactive exercises to keep the learner interested while providing useful feedback to guide them throughout the training process. The success of our courses relies on intimate customer interaction before, during, and after development. We hold customer input high and tailor our courses to meet your individual needs. Our team of “Wizards” will work to meet your goals while utilizing our expertise in effective learning principles.


Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

 Wizdom's Business Process Reengineering (BPR) seminar walks you through the stages of a reengineering project - from initial design and development to implementation. 

Our instructors will show you Wizdom's BPR toolset that will help you and your organization determine cost, quality, and time issues that are currently plaguing and restraining your business growth. 

Activity Based Costing (ABC)

 Wizdom's Activity Based Costing (ABC) seminar will teach you how to apply Activity Based Costing, today's most dynamic accounting tool. Activity Based Costing is a 3 day course.

Managers require accurate and timely cost information to make informed decisions affecting everything from product pricing strategies, programs for industrial reinvestment and systems modernization, to developing and evaluating the savings from Business Process Reengineering projects and other improvement initiatives. 

Change Management

As a leader, managing change is vital to your success. This course uses the most current research and information available on change management for organizations engaged in process improvement. 

Using a Total Systems Management as well as a Process Management perspective, our Managing Change class teacher you how to prepare your employees to accept the challenge of working with new processes, new technologies, and new work styles.

Performance Measures and Matrix

Standard performance measures may not provide an accurate analysis of your organization. As companies embrace the new process orientation to activity and workflow design, the usual financial summaries, surveys and benchmarks are further and further removed from the actual work being done. 

Performance Measures and Metrics employs proven research and technology to help you lead your company or organization to track what is really occurring as you pursue your goals of continuous process improvement.

Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF)

 In our hands-on workshop, you will use a comprehensive methodology for designing operational, technical, and systems architecture views and products consistent with the DoDAF guidelines. 

In the workshop, you will apply DoDAF compliance concepts and principles to design your own DoDAF-compliant system. You will use the most up-to-date tools and techniques for creating and evaluating required architectural products. You will learn strategies proven successful for saving time while avoiding costly pitfalls when meeting DoDAF requirements. 


 This course gives the participants a working knowledge of IDEF in theory and application. Modeling techniques are described and practiced as the learners participate in a series of lectures and exercises.

Real world case studies are utilized.